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Happy Saturn ingress day! From a Tropical Zodiac perspective, Saturn is moving from the sign of Aquarius into Pisces ⁣as I type this message. This is the second planetary ingress (a planet transitioning from one sign to the next) of several this month, signifying a time of big change, both personally and collectively, an edgy time of endings and new beginnings. I find myself thinking of the East in the medicine wheel, place of Springtime and the Sunrise, birth and new beginnings. The East can be a time of intensity, chaos, uncertainty and overwhelm AND it can be visionary, uplifting, inspiring, expanding, and transformative. Wind is the element of the East and Raven, who relishes playing in the edgy winds just before a storm rolls in, is an excellent guide to help us navigate these winds of change. I've recorded a brief guided visualization (4:35min audio), a message from Raven to help foster a mindset toward surfing the winds of change with levity, creativity and playful curiosity, rather than the fear and uncertainty, anxiety and restriction that can often accompany times of great transition. You can click here to listen.

⁣Here's a list of Ingress dates and other noteworthy transits this month:

Mar 2 - Mercury enters Pisces

March 7 - Saturn enters Pisces

March 7 -Full Moon in Virgo

March 16 - Venus enters Taurus

March 18 - Mercury enters Aries

March 20 - Sun enters Aries

March 21 - New Moon in Aries

March 23 - Pluto enters Aquarius

March 25 - Mars enters Cancer

Reach out if you would like to schedule a transit reading to help you understand how these archetypal transitions may be impacting you personally, and how to work with them consciously.

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