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healing intensive 

Upcoming Dates TBA

This workshop is for those who...

*want to explore beauty as an enriching spiritual concept

* are self-conscious about the way they look

* are self critical or critical of other's appearance

* struggle with aging

* struggle with postpartum body changes

* struggle with weight gain, skin changes or hair loss related to health situations or trauma

* have trauma around some aspect of their appearance

* are tired of wrestling with imposed, superficial beauty standards

* would like to connect with and cultivate their inner beauty

* would like to create more congruence between their inner and outer expression

* want to deepen and practice authentic self-love and self-acceptance

* want to deepen love and acceptance of others

* want to cultivate more beauty in their life & in their relationships

* are culture activists! - those who would like to actively explore and participate in a culture of authentic connection and expression -- to be part of the change you seek, so to speak.

Note: this course is best suited for adults and mature teens. I would like to create a course for tweens & younger teens, email me if you'd like to be notified about that.

Join me and a fabulous community on a journey to explore and transform your relationship with beauty, as a spiritual concept, a cultural construct, and as an embodied reality. 

I want to explore beauty & I want to cast a pretty wide net, aaaand I want you to consider joining me!

Why? Culture -- I want to nourish, nurture and CULTIVATE a loving alternative to the toxic beauty standards that persistently influence us, our self concept, our diets, finances, opportunities, views of and relationship with others and the world around us, whether consciously or not, from a very early age.

I want to do more than unpack toxic beauty standards and their sources, which is a worthwhile pursuit in its own right. I want to compassionately attend to and resolve the painful trauma and false narratives they've formed within us.

I want to explore beauty from the perspectives of other wise-elder cultures that hold more mature, loving, enriching and sacred concepts of beauty.

I want us to explore our own, deeply personal experience of beauty, to form new ideas, beliefs, practices and embodied experiences.

I want to explore what it might mean to cultivate inner beauty -- how it might look & feel when our outer appearance and environment are congruent with our beautiful inner selves.

I want to experience a culture of deep self acceptance and loving acceptance of one another. One that recognizes & cherishes the beauty in any age, stage, shape, size, ability, skin tone, race or sex. I want to know the relief, freedom and happiness that promises.

I want that for you, and I want that for our children.

All session recordings will be available online ongoing,
via site membership, along with resources and exercises for each week. 

In this 4 week intensive we will:

Decolonize: Examine the personal and collective impact of industrialized beauty and it's perpetuation of ageism, racism, classism, weightism, perfectionism and self-loathing.

Transform: Work with exercises to connect with and heal any aspects of rejection or trauma related to our physical appearances & biases to come into deeper levels of acceptance, love and appreciation for ourselves and others.

Counter: We'll counter colonized beauty standards by exposing ourselves to various Indigenous and ancient cultural perspectives of Beauty.

Rewild: Exercises & nourishing resources to help counter the colonized imagery and messages we encounter on the daily -- identify toxic mimics, nourish your Venus, and explore authentic beauty.

Cultivate: We'll explore and cultivate a deeply personal, direct revelatory and sacred relationship to Inner Beauty; beauty's relationship to joy and pleasure, experienced through the senses; Sensing and Orientation both Shamanic & Somatic.

Embody: Exercises and inquiry to facilitate and enhance connection, awareness and embodiment of your inner beauty, truth, goodness, joy and pleasure.

Express: This week is dedicated to congruence & Authentic Expression. As above, so below; as within, so without. We'll explore what it might look and be like to align our internal experience of Sacred Beauty with our external expression, from the mundane -- how do my clothes, hair, adornments and my personal environment resonate with my internal experience? How does it look and feel to be internally & externally congruent? -- to the spiritual, What does it look like to Walk in Beauty; to relate beautifully with myself and all I encounter?

Integrate & Celebrate: We'll share and discuss our insights, transformations and take-aways & celebrate our growth and time together. All sessions will be recorded and available ongoing via membership access, along with a resources page for each week.



Single Payment Option: $tba
To register, please send $tba via one of the listed payment methods with "Sacred Beauty" noted in the FOR field. If this is our first contact, please also include the email you would like to use for communications about this event. (This info is private).

Pay-it-out Option: $tba/mo for 4 months
Send $tba via one of the payment methods. Please note "Sacred Beauty" in the FOR field. If this is our first contact, please also include the email you would like to use for communications about this event. (This info is private.)

You'll receive a payment request from this app for $tba on the1st day of tba

Please add to your contact list & keep an eye out for event emails. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.




(8902 if confirmation is required)

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