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Image by Lidiya Pavlikova


"Tammy offers a knowledge base that weaves together a profound respect for sacred practices and a knowledge of contemporary attachment based neuroscience that creates an experience that is nourishing, safe and effective." -SM


"This work has nearly completely "cured" my anxiety. I feel so much more steady and mentally healthy since I started working with Tammy as a guide." -AK

"Tammy’s ability to guide with a kind, open and whimsical heart has made every experience I have had with her a very healing one. I always come away feeling more centered on my path forward and for that I am grateful." -JB


"Tammy’s gentle spirit provided a trusting and open environment. She has a gift and uses it well." -HS


"Tammy is an intuitive, gentle, and generous healing practitioner. She has a gift for tuning in with what her clients truly need, and she brings great care and attention to her work. She is highly skilled, with deep and diverse training and experience. Her unique gifts are a blessing to all those she serves!"- JA 


"Tammy is one of the wisest, most intuitive women I know, and I've been truly blessed by her guidance and healing work. It's evident that a greater power works through her gentle spirit, and I can't be more grateful that she lovingly shares her gifts." - DP

"Tammy is a truly gifted facilitator and healer. She has immense patience and empathy, and I always feel safe and comfortable in her hands. My work with Tammy has provided me with lasting changes in my mental and emotional wellbeing."  -SH


"I could list so many qualities that make Tammy an extraordinary facilitator. She's been invaluable to me in a couple of different roles along my journey toward healing, integration, and wholeness, and I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone seeking similar things. Speaking of wholeheartedness...if I have to be specific, I think it's Tammy's combination of heartfulness and integrity that make her such a rare find on the Path. There are others that use similar tools, but you would be extremely lucky to find another who approaches their work with such a full heart and with such a careful eye on what choices they shouldn't make for you. Simply put, I'm so lucky to have found her and to count her among my network of support." -BB


"Tammy provides a very safe and reassuring space for healing. She is extremely knowledgeable and well trained, and I felt very grateful to have her as a guide. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for deep healing, you would be in good hands." -LC

"Tammy is absolutely magical. Every time I work with her I am blown away by the vast amount of knowledge and tools she has available. Tammy is extremely powerful and also incredibly humble at the same time." -WH

"I genuinely haven't felt this grounded for such a long period of time and am feeling I have received a lot of clarity on what my next steps in my life's journey should be." - AR 

"You have found your calling!" -LF

"It was wonderful working with you. Thank you for your service to these teachings, you go so far beyond what many people claim to do when they say they "facilitate this work." The container is everything, and I feel so blessed to go through it under the warm blanket of your amazing prayers and strong boundaries. Filtering out the people, music, expectations, and energies that don't belong requires a lot of expertise, so I'm thankful not just to have had an opportunity to do this work but to have had the opportunity to do it with you. It makes a huge difference to me to do it under wonderful guidance and support." -BB  [Shamanic Practitioner, mentorship]


"Thank you for finding my soul and bringing him back to me. Your work is valuable to this world and is going to be needed more than ever." - ZL 

"Thank you, Tammy, for the beautiful guidance." -ALR 


"I'd just like to say, you punctuated the most terrible time in my life with some real magic, and I don't know where I'd be without that work we did together -- also that, just knowing you are there is a medicine for me when I start to feel overwhelmed." -EK

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