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I study and practice astrology because it invokes a sense of wonder and awe within me, which is necessary for a rich and soulful life. I view astrology as an ever-evolving map of symbols that guide us back to our essential selves, that helps us understand personal, familial, relational and collective patterns and archetypal energies, that reminds us that the events in our lives are a reflection of an ordered and beautiful cosmos. I tend to lean toward the view that Astrology gives us a glimpse into the divine design or divine imagination rather than being a causal agent. Astrology helps us gauge the cosmic weather and navigate the flow of the river of life. I offer readings from an Ancient Astrology (aka Hellenistic Astrology) perspective, which uses the Tropical Zodiac and whole sign house system. To receive a reading, you will need to provide an accurate birth time, date and location.

Birth Chart Readings 
We'll explore the significant themes of your birth chart, as well as basic questions you have, and an overview of major transits currently affecting you.

$222/1hr session *Note: because this requires a significant time investment prior to the session, a non-refundable $108 deposit required upon booking.

Transit Forecast Readings
In this reading we'll explore questions and/or major transits, current and upcoming. This is a great option if you're already familiar with your whole-sign birth chart, for follow-ups and periodic updates, and specific questions related to one or two topics. 
$108/ 1 hr
$162/ 90 min

Lunation Cycles Forecast
Come into a deeper rhythm with the cycles of nature by regularly attuning to the phases of the moon and what its symbolism is expressing in your birth chart. With this reading you will receive a Lunar Calendar (PDF), along with a reading that explores the themes and topics for each month's lunar cycle as it relates to your birth chart's houses and natal planets. Bring precision, clarity and focus to your work with the Moon's phases for
intention setting, manifestation, creativity, self reflection and spiritual growth.
6 Months: $222/ 1hr session
Year Ahead: $333/ 90 min session

Relationship/Synastry: I am not currently reading synastry (combined) charts.


Contact me to schedule a reading. Please include the kind of reading you're interested in.

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