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I offer compassionate, holistic support to growth-oriented individuals, couples, and groups.

Many of my clients are creative, highly-sensitive, empathic or intuitive and I tend to hold space for others who hold space, which means that the majority of my clients are therapists, counselors, healing & wellness professionals, spiritual or community leaders, consultants, teachers, parents, care-givers, performers, artists and activists. 

Although I primarily work with adults, I also enjoy working with highly sensitive tweens/teens (Orchid Children, HSPs) who may struggle with regulation and impulsivity, self-expression or fitting in.

We might be a good fit if you:
 are creative, highly-sensitive or empathic, intuitive, insightful, growth-oriented, and/or high-functioning, if not over-functioning;
 have lived through shocking familial or personal experiences and carry unprocessed emotional trauma;
 have experienced childhood or relationship wounding (attachment wounds, narcissistic/borderline wounding, sexual trauma, etc.);
 struggle with regulation and boundaries, self-image and self-esteem as a result of these experiences. 


These struggles sometimes express themselves as:
 chronic ailments that are difficult to diagnose and treat;
 problematic compulsive consumption of substances, food, &/or media;
people-pleasing &/or avoiding conflict, often to your own detriment;
anxiety, rage, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation;
severe procrastination, stagnation or feeling blocked or stuck; 
staying small, playing small, minimizing self or self-abandonment as an act of self-preservation.

Some of the areas of support that I've facilitated since 2010 include: 
Healing the voice, creative blocks, performance anxiety & embodying authentic expression 
C-PTSD recovery 
Food relationship, body-image & weight loss 
Career transitions & up-levels 
 Divorce and relationship transitions
 Regulation & life-navigation for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths 
 Relationship or parenting trauma
 Sexual Trauma  
 Attachment wounding 
 Conception, Pregnancy & Postpartum support   Parenting support, including building or recovering a strong bond (healthy attachment) between parent/ child
 Navigating high-conflict personalities (such as Narcissism, Borderline or Histrionic Spectrum) 
 Co-parenting with Narcissism or high-conflict personality (and I have worked with adolescents with such parents)

 Adolescents navigating narcissism/borderline spectrum caregiver, or other challenges with adults such as family system favoritism  
 Compassionate, trauma informed addiction recovery 
 Middle passage (mid-life crisis) support and self-re/dis/covery 
 Loss and Grief support 
 Gender Dysphoria and Two-Spirit exploration
 and more...


My approach blends experiential self-healing practices rooted in indigenous healing, somatic, developmental, and neuro-psychology, spiritual counseling and motivational coaching.  

Guiding principles:

Dysfunction, dis-ease and suffering are rooted in disconnection. I support you to reconnect with your essential self, your inner light sourced in infinite intelligence, with the wisdom of your body, with your deeper knowing,  inherent worth, your inner truth, beauty, and goodness. 

Each of us is intrinsically, inherently whole. I hold a vision and steady awareness of your innate wholeness to help you overcome what may seem broken, blocked or dysfunctional.

The well-being of the world requires as many of us as possible to recover and discover our truest selves, to share our genius, our unique medicine with it. Soulful embodiment and authentic expression are essential.

We are each fully capable of and responsible for our own healing, well-being and becoming. Although I can't do the work for you (nor can anyone), I can serve to guide, mirror, educate, champion and support your process.  

 True healing is holistic, and requires addressing the root causes rather than simply treating symptoms. It involves mind, intuition, heart, soul, will, body, emotions and relations. 

Creative expression, playfulness, meaning, gratitude, wonder and awe, love, trust and joy are all ingredients for a rich and soulful life. 

I believe in your ability to heal and I believe in my ability to hold space for your healing.


Our initial session lays the groundwork through orientation & inquiry. I'll invite you to share your story, to say what wants to be said, to help me understand how you got here and where you want to go. I'll help you to clarify your intentions and motivation, because the more you really want it, mean it, and expect results, the greater beneficial long-term outcomes will be.

Identifying your WHY is essential because it drives the commitment and focus needed to prioritize yourself, even when even when life gets busy and bumpy and you don't feel like facing yourself or putting in the effort.

The sessions that follow delve into the heart of the matter, following this general format:  

Centering: we'll take a moment to arrive and connect in presence
Talk: for about the first quarter of the session
Experiential Process: around half the session
May involve one or a combination of:  Somatic Experiencing, Inner Resource Focusing / Parts Work, Guided Visualization, Guided Inquiry, Indigenous Healing Techniques, Modern Coaching Techniques, Journaling, Movement, Artistic Methods, &/or Dietary Exploration
Integration: the last quarter of the session
Experiential reflection and prescribed personal practices for between sessions, if any. 

This differs for everyone depending on goals and challenges. I recommend committing to a minimum of 3 months toward realizing personal growth intentions. In my experience, regular action toward intention tends to bear obvious and lasting fruit in 90 days. For processing trauma and addressing regulation, Somatic Experiencing (TM) wisdom suggests to expect about a month/each year since the trauma began. 

Weekly sessions are helpful for those seeking to process emotional shocks, trauma or loss; for those who need a frequent touch-point as you learn to manage emotional regulation (anxiety, depression, addictive/self-destructive tendencies); &/or for coaching and accountability toward personal growth intentions. 

Ongoing bi-weekly or monthly sessions are helpful for helping professionals and caregivers who need a space for processing, support, and/or mentorship; or coaching/accountability for those who prefer longer time between sessions to practice and integrate our work together.

As-needed sessions are available for those who are generally well balanced but need occasional support for acute challenges. 

Weekly sessions are typically 60 minutes. 90-minute sessions are available for those who come less often but prefer extended time for deeper processing.


$108 for 60 minutes  
$162 for 90 minutes 

Click for payment methods including: Venmo, CashApp, PayPal and Zelle.


I currently offer sessions via phone or zoom. Video calls are especially helpful for somatic work. However, if video is too much for you, we can work with phone sessions.

Regardless. it's best if you can find a private place to sit comfortably, with your back supported by a chair, couch or wall. It's also helpful to have a pillow or plush animal, something squishy and comforting, handy, which may be used to support your head or your abdomen, depending upon what arises. (No need to buy one but Squishmallows work really well, for example, or a couch throw pillow or your sleeping pillow.) 


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