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While this concept is brewing, into the cauldron for the greater good I throw healthy doses of: open hearts and open minds, sacred plants, good medicine, decolonizing, dominator deflecting conscious consumption and cultural creativity, inclusive community, direct revelation, collaboration and unifying stories, illumined courage, piercing purpose, inspired receptivity, liberated will, redemptive provocation, sane hooliganism, amused ingenuity, awakened dreaming, aware action, myth, mysticism and metaphor, symbolism, irony, humor, reverence, ritual, ceremony, and practice, curiosity piquing, sweet yearning, playful experimentaion, invocational invitations, healing and wholeness, fierce beauty, essential harmony, deep rhythm, luscious grooves, the oracular, the theatrical, the visionary, metaphysical, cosmological, astrological, ancestral, archetypical, directional, alchemical, magical, artistic, poetic and musical, the titillating, percolating and tasty, animism, dynamism, activism, the sacred clown, the wise fool, indigenous wisdom, folk wisdom, mama, papa and child wisdom, the soul nourishing, peace loving, high vibing, clear ringing, expansive droning, slow living, free flowing, integrative, meditative, and the what if, keep don't know mind, embracing everything while believing nothing and entertaining the most gorgeous possibilities.

May love guide this work and may it bless the generations.

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