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Guided Visualization to lift your spirits & expand awareness

A long time ago, someone came up for a healing in ceremony, and a blessing came through that was inspired by the Diné/Navajo Beauty Way prayer. It's come up a few times since as the right medicine for the right person, maybe I've shared it with you before. Someone recently asked me for the words, and while the format is fairly similar each time, the blessing words that come through are unique to each person in the moment.

The request inspired me to record and share a version of it with you as a guided meditation/ visualization. As I began recording, I realized that there are so many blessings to bestow (haha!) that I could offer a series 4 recordings relating to the 4 cardinal directions, as we do in our ceremonies. In so doing, not only might you receive the benefit of the blessing words, your understanding and relationship to each of the directions might deepen as well.

I hope you'll enjoy this first recording in the series, a meditation invoking the qualities associated with the East on the Medicine Wheel to lift your spirits and expand your awareness. You can work with this actively as a waking visualization, get comfy, visualize and feel into each spoken quality. Or passively, you might listen as you sleep or play as background sound while doing house work, for example, to imprint the subconscious mind with these blessing qualities.

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