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June 30th & July 1st: Embodiment

Updated: May 8, 2023

I cast an astrology chart and tarot spread to get a sense of the archetypal energies available this weekend. Their symbols were amazingly synchronized and resulted in the following interpretation:

This weekend, we'll align with cosmic, archetypal energies to employ our best magic and mojo in order to communicate with the divine, a shared intention for embodiment -- again, this month, drawing Spirit into matter. There is so much wisdom & support available for the expansion of emotional & physical intelligence, as well as for deep nourishment on the soul level. This promises to be a life-changing opportunity.

How I got there: Astrology The Sun (representing divine intelligence, our noetic light and guiding principle) will be conjoined with Mercury (the messenger and mage) in Cancer, the domicile of the moon (which represents the body, emotion, form, the senses, mother/divine feminine, money, fortune, reflection, remembrance, nourishment, and the changing tides.)

This will be harmonized by Jupiter, (divine law, abundance and expansion) and supported by creative tension with Saturn, (which can represent boundaries, structures and the wisdom of maturation.) The Tarot spread included: Page of Cups: in the me position -- a messenger of love, emotion, creativity, and good tidings with a sacred cup, obviously ;) Queen of Wands: in the overall experience position -- drawing spirit into form, integration of spiritual and the physical, embodiment.

The Empress: in the support position -- sensuality, nourishment, creativity, divine feminine, the Lady. The Magician: crossing / connecting the three - Mercury, divine messenger, also channeling spirit into matter

Wheel of Fortune: in the culminating position -- echoing the Cancer's changing tides, indicating fortune and change.

That there were two minor arcana and two major arcana cards, the last one being the wheel of fortune, emphasizes the strong potential for this to be a life-changing experience.

Collective Psyche Observations: I'm noticing an increase in client and friend concerns with the body, embodiment, healing trauma stored in the body, etc. I've also been noticing, for quite some time, conversations unrelated to one another and in media that have been touching on the topic in various ways -- as books like,"The Body Keeps the Score," the Trauma Informed work of teachers like Gabore Mate, and practices like Somatic Experiencing make their way into mainstream awareness. This is a shift from the early 2000s, 2012 era when an "ascension" and transcendence emphasis were prominent in new age Spiritual and yoga circles around that time. I've also noticed that my visions have been less celestial and much more middle and lower world for quite a while as well.

Key words, archetypes and influences... Medicine wheel: south-place of summer; Sun conjunct Mercury, trine Jupiter, square Saturn; Jupiter trine Saturn; Waxing moon in Sagittarius; zodiac: Cancer; fire/spirit; moon/body; the fire of water; the queen of wands; the empress; the magician, magic/divine communication; divine law; nourishment; wheel of fortune; the tides of change.

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