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SACRED BEAUTY: deep-dive w/ Tammy 

June 7 - June 30, 2022
4 weeks, 8 sessions - online
Tu/Th 8 - 9:15pm
$200 (or 4 monthly payments of $50)

Tuesday's will be lecture and
Thursday's will be practice & integration. 
All will be recorded and accessible ongoing.

Join me on a journey to explore (and transform) your relationship with beauty, as a spiritual concept, a cultural construct, and as an embodied reality. 
Think of these like spot treatments for acute situations and challenges (putting out fires).
$145/hr suggested exchange*

This workshop is for those who...
*want to explore beauty as a spiritual concept

* are self-conscious about the way they look

* are self critical or critical of others appearance

* struggle with aging

* struggle with postpartum body changes

* weight gain or loss related to medical situations or trauma

* have trauma around some aspect of their appearance

* are tired of wrestling with imposed, superficial beauty standards

* would like to connect with their inner beauty

* would like to create more congruence between their inner and outer expression

* want to deepen and practice authentic self-love and self-acceptance

* want to deepen love and acceptance of others

* want to cultivate more beauty in their life

WEEK 1: 

Internalized Beauty Standards & Imprinting
In this session we'll identify the beauty standards which we've individually internalized and their sources - cultural, familial, local, experiential and beyond. We'll explore 

WEEK 2:  Beauty Trauma

WEEK 3:  Sacred Beauty

WEEK 4:  Orienting to Beauty

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