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It is said that an expecting mother's prayers are the most potent prayers of all. 

Not all methods of prayer are equal. There are techniques or protocols that enhance the effectiveness of prayer.

First, the heart is the doorway to Spirit, therefore, it is important to pray with an open heart. This is why the Indigenous cultures we've studied with sing their prayers during healing. It's nearly impossible to sing with a closed heart. You might give it a shot.

I meant to mention, START SINGING to your babies now! It doesn't matter if you consider yourself good or if you sing on key. The Shipibo consider this important, it's a way of calling the essence of the baby in.


Gratitude Sandwich! Thank whatever aspect of the Great Spirit whose support you're requesting, mentioning why you're grateful is helpful for opening your heart and Spirit loves to be adored.

Give directives from a humble yet powerful place. No need to grovel or beg.Clearly state your intention, what you would like support with.

Gratitude again, "Thank you for making it so," is a good one.


There's really so much more that can be said about prayer but this is the nuts and bolts for now. I hope to add to this page as we go along.

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