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New Offering: Therapeutic Somatic Attachment Sessions
Gentle guidance to access your body's inherent wisdom for emotional healing, integration, insight, nervous system regulation, spiritual connection and more. This psychotherapeutic technique addresses trauma and a broad range of related challenges. It's particularly helpful for acutely triggered states, for treating C-PTSD, addiction, anxiety, depression, addressing childhood and adult trauma and attachment wounds, self-criticism / self-esteem issues, and regulation challenges, just to name a few. A single session can help you gain clarity when you're highly triggered or are having difficulty making a decision. A series of sessions is recommended for chronic or ongoing challenges.  
$60 / 30min suggested exchange*

Single healing sessions
Think of these like spot treatments for acute situations and challenges (putting out fires).
$125/hr suggested exchange*

Series of 3 or more ongoing sessions (scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
A deep dive. Regularly scheduled sessions to work through chronic, long-term challenges and issues, childhood, inherited and ancestral trauma or to support you through major life transitions.
$100/hr suggested exchange*

Spiritual coaching / healing practitioner mentorship: ongoing sessions
- for practitioners on the healing path who want to deepen their practice
- for therapists, healthcare providers, caregivers, activists and advocates who want support with secondary trauma and/or maintaining a humble and compassionate connection to essential self and compassionate heart in the face of holding space for others pain and suffering
- for those recovering from religious trauma or who were raised without a spiritual foundation who would like to explore and cultivate a deeply personal and individualized spiritual path.
$125/hr single sessions, $100/hr ongoing, suggested exchange*


Sacred Beauty online healing intensive :
Join me and a fabulous community on a journey to explore and transform your relationship with beauty, as a spiritual concept, a cultural construct, and as an embodied reality. a decolonizing, rewilding, cultivating,
 transformative deep dive toward seeing with new eyes, authentic expression and radical self-acceptance. 

Upcoming dates to be announced
4 weeks, 8 sessions, online (recordings available).
$200 (or $50/mo for 4 months)

Learn more & register here


Sacred Ceremony & Healing Retreats

I'll be posting upcoming events as they arise.


*Suggested exchange - please do not let cost be a barrier. If you are experiencing financial hardship, need-based and/or work-trade options are possible. Likewise, donations toward healing support and scholarships are deeply appreciated and help make this work more broadly available.

I view astrology as an ever-evolving map of symbols that reflect the will of the divine, that guides us back to our essential selves, that helps us understand personal, familial, relational and collective patterns and archetypal energies, that reminds us that the events in our lives are a reflection of an ordered and beautiful cosmos. Astrology helps us gauge the cosmic weather and navigate the flow of the river of life. I offer readings from an Ancient Astrology (aka Hellenistic Astrology) perspective, which uses the whole sign house system. To receive a reading, you will need to provide an accurate birth time, date and location.

Birth Chart Readings 
We'll explore the significant themes of your birth chart, as well as basic questions you have, and an overview of major transits currently affecting you.

$200/1hr session *Note: because this requires a significant time investment prior to the session, a non-refundable $100 deposit required upon booking.

Transit Forecast Readings
In this reading we'll explore questions and/or major transits, current and upcoming. This is a great option if you're already familiar with your whole-sign birth chart, for follow-ups and periodic updates, and specific questions related to one or two topics. 
$125/ 1 hr
$180/ 90 min

Lunation Cycles Forecast
Come into a deeper rhythm with the cycles of nature by regularly attuning to the phases of the moon and what its symbolism is expressing in your birth chart. With this reading you will receive a Lunar Calendar (PDF), along with a reading that explores the themes and topics for each month's lunar cycle as it relates to your birth chart's houses and natal planets. Bring precision, clarity and focus to your work with the Moon's phases for
intention setting, manifestation, creativity, self reflection and spiritual growth.
6 Months: $200/ hour session
Year Ahead: $350/ 90 min session

Relationship/Synastry: I am not currently reading synastry (combined) charts.


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