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Jul 5, 2022 - Jul 28, 2022

Sacred Beauty: Online Healing Intensive

  • 24Days
  • 10Steps


Join me in community on a 4 week journey to explore and transform your relationship with beauty, as a spiritual concept, a cultural construct, and as an embodied reality. Together we'll unpack toxic beauty standards and their sources and compassionately attend to and resolve the painful trauma and false narratives they've formed within us. We'll explore beauty from the perspectives of other wise-elder cultures that hold more mature, loving, enriching and sacred concepts of beauty. We'll explore our own, deeply personal experience of beauty, to form new ideas, beliefs, practices and embodied experiences. We'll attune to inner beauty and how it might look and feel when our outer appearance and environment are congruent with our internal selves. We'll nurture a culture of deep self acceptance and loving acceptance of one another. One that recognizes & cherishes the beauty in any age, stage, shape, size, ability, skin tone, race or sex. More than an online workshop, let's join together in an experiential and collaborative form of cultural activism.

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Sacred Beauty


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