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Facilitated Holistic Healing with Tammy Mabra


I facilitate healing. With compassionate presence, I hold a safe space for you to process life's experiences. I help you reconnect to the wisdom of your heart, to your body, to nature and your inherent divinity (regardless of your religious faith tradition or lack thereof.) I help you move through grief and recover from trauma. I help you make sense of, bring context to and better understand life's experiences. I help you learn to relate better to yourself, to others and the world around you. I help you to better love yourself so that you can become a conduit of love for the world. I meet you where you are to support your journey toward more harmonious, rhythmic, life sustaining, fulfilling, authentic, embodied, empowered, creative, compassionate and well states of being and becoming -- on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational.

This work is deep and expansive, it can be cathartic, liberating, initiating, releasing, imaginative, healing, humbling, empowering and beautiful. As a long-time student and practitioner of Indigenous Healing Wisdom, Mindfulness, Myth, Mysticism, Art, Astrology and Psychology, I believe in your personal genius. I witness, tend and support your connection to your intrinsic, sacred knowing, your essential self, your unique expression of divinity, your heart and your heart's path, and your underlying energetic blueprint for physical, mental and emotional well being. With compassion, empathy and love, through this recognition and (re)connection, healing and transformation occur. I hold space with responsibility, experience, and take great care to create a safe and nurturing environment.


I can help with: Life Transitions & Big Changes, Shock, Grief, Trauma, Abuse Recovery, Religious /Spiritual Trauma Recovery, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & Habits, Core Wounds Reprogramming,  Masculine/Feminine Wounding & Integration, Relationships, Chronic Illness, Disease & Pain, Career and Life Task Work, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work,  Manifestation / Intentional Creation, Prosperity, Creativity & Authentic Expression, Boundaries & Assertiveness, Psychic/ Energetic Protection for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People, Self Discovery, Self-love /Acceptance/ Esteem/ Confidence,  Cultivating Self-awareness, Fertility & Conscious Conception, Miscarriage & Birth Trauma, Postpardum Support, Initiations and Rites of Passage, Shamanic Practice Coaching, Healing the Voice & Authentic Voice Coaching, Artist Blocks, Authentic Creativity Coaching, Psychadellic Integration, and more.

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